As a keynote speaker Phil’s enthusiasm and passion for business is contagious. His never-ending quest for creative ideas and his ability to deliver a high impact presentation are fantastic qualities that shine through in all his keynote sessions. He leaves audiences buzzing with excitement and a whole host of new ideas to instantly improve their business.

Philip was insightful, thought-provoking, engaging and also entertaining. He delivers with energy and obvious passion and enthusiasm for all things “e”.

Mike Beech
Group Marketing Director Tribal Group

Phil is a confident, dynamic and enigmatic speaker – he speaks with considerable knowledge and confidence on the topic of digital marketing.

Kerry Hargreaves
Practice and Marketing Manager at Molesworths, Bright Cleggs

Just some of the people who have benefited from Phil’s keynote sessions are:

  • Business leaders and executives who realise the value of the digital world
  • Salespeople who know people buy people, not just what they’re selling
  • Entrepreneurs and SMEs who realise they’re the face of the business

Presentations include:

  • The Digital Media Revolution
  • Content Rules OK
  • Brand You
  • Multi Media Revolution 

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