We’ve recently implemented a key business strategy that focusses on retaining and generating new sales within SMEs. When considering a subject matter expert to help support the delivery of our new project, we immediately chose Phil, based on a previous collaboration, and the high regard in which we hold Phil as a result of this and the many other times where he has been on hand to offer insight, whenever we have needed it.

Phil’s expertise and experience is outstanding, and this was invaluable in helping to develop a small but perfectly formed, (a bit like Phil!), team of ‘Ninjas’ from within our existing Customer Service team. With Phil’s support, in particular the learning resources he created, and a seemingly endless amount of enthusiasm and time, we have developed proactive and confident people, who are now far more aware of the individual needs of customers, the power of content as a marketing tool, as well as theories such as the law of reciprocation and social proof.

Everything that Phil has coached our Ninjas on, is transferrable into the rest of the Customer Service team, which is an exciting prospect in an ever competitive marketplace where service and customer feedback are key. The theories are simple but easily overlooked, however with Phil’s expertise in stripping things back, we are observing some real mindset shifts and this is already evident in new sales and the recognition our new team has achieved.

Most importantly, Phil is a great guy. A real people person who ‘gets’ the reality of business but keeps it ‘real’ with the help of a unique and highly infectious sense of humour! Our mantra towards SMEs is ‘We care’ and this is something Phil lives and breathes too. Thanks for all your help Phil!